Cryotherapy Warning

You may be wondering why we don’t recommend cryotherapy to treat sunspots or skin cancer. The facts are that over 60% of sunspots treated with cryotherapy will recur.

Why We Don’t Use Cryotherapy on Sunspots

It’s common to hear of cryotherapy (also known as freezing or burning, often with nitrogen) being used to treat sunspots. It is a very quick procedure but often doesn’t fully remove the sunspot, which can later turn cancerous. It also leaves scarring behind on the skin. When it comes to treating skin cancer you shouldn’t cut corners, and in this case, the quickest and easiest option is by no means the most effective. At Molescreen PDT we aim to remove your skin cancer for good in the least invasive way possible, and cryotherapy ticks none of those boxes.

Having worked with many sunspot patients in the last decade, Dr Johnson is confident that the most effective treatment for sunspots is PDT. If you have a spot that you’re not sure about and would like Dr Johnson to have a look at then please organise a single spot assessment or full body scan by booking an appointment.

To learn more about skin cancer treatments, read our blog.

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