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Molescreen PDT specialises in diagnosing and treating skin cancer and sunspots. Queensland is the skin cancer capital
of the world. Most people who have been raised in Queensland will have some form of skin cancer during their lives.

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The Difficulty Of Melanoma Assessment

It is very difficult to pick a melanoma from it’s appearance to the naked eye. One of these is a melanoma, the other is not.
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Using the ABCDE tool each would be determined to be a melanoma.
(A = Asymmetric, B = Border is notched or irregular, C = more than 4 colours, D = Diameter over 5 mm, E = Evolving)

However it is more accurate to assess the skin with a dermatoscope which clearly shows that only one of these lesions is a melanoma, the other is a seborrhoec keratosis which is a benign age related lesion. A dermatoscope is essentially a skin microscope that requires skill and experience to use.