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Molescreen PDT specialises in diagnosing and treating skin cancer and sunspots. Queensland is the skin cancer capital
of the world. Most people who have been raised in Queensland will have some form of skin cancer during their lives.

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Dr Johnson’s History

Dr Ian Johnson has been specialising in diagnosing and treating skin cancer and related diseases for many years.

He established the first skin cancer screening clinic in Queensland in 1997 and was the first practitioner to establish computer aided dermatoscopic examination of skin cancers. He has used this state of the art equipment to photograph thousands of moles and monitor their changes over many years. This has given him a deep understanding of the variations in moles and how they evolve. Dr Johnson combines this technical knowledge and expertise with his belief that every patient deserves the time to receive a comprehensive approach to their skin cancer checks. In other words, your relevant medical and family history are important to Dr Johnson,  he will take the time to physically examine your skin and he will suggest an ongoing surveillance plan. Many of Dr Johnson’s patients have been coming to him every six to twelve months for more than ten years!

Dr Johnson is a great believer in thorough full body skin examinations; something which is not common in 2015! Combining his years of experience with state of the art equipment he can make accurate judgments quickly on a range of spots, moles, melanomas and other skin cancers. It is this level of expertise which ensures that problem spots are detected early enough for effective treatment. After a skin check by Dr Johnson you will leave feeling reassured. You will have been given the information you seek and appropriate treatments will have been outlined for you to make an informed decision. Preventing skin cancer is about knowing and managing your risks.

In many cases Dr Johnson does not need to remove a spot to know what it might be. However he will do this when necessary to ensure that there is no mistake or unneccesary risks. The important thing is knowing when to act and Dr Johnson has the experience to do this. If he does decide not to remove something, he will ensure that there is a plan to review it where necessary.

In 2003 Dr Johnson was one of the first to use PDT technology in Australia to treat skin cancer and has succesfully treated several thousand skin cancers since then using this non scarring treatment.

Dr Johnson’s many years of experience using PDT with Metvix  places him in a unique position to select and advise those patients who would most benefit from it. There are many treatments available for skin cancer and the important thing is knowing which one to choose. Dr Johnson is well placed to advise you and he is very conscious of the need to ensure safe and complete treatment of skin cancers whilst preserving optimal cosmetic outcomes.

In 2008 Dr Johnson introduced a photographic  skin mapping service to MolescreenPDT; this process produces a map of the patient’s skin and allows monitoring of moles that change over time.

Dr Johnson has always believed in providing the highest quality of service; Queensland suffers from being the skin cancer capital of the world yet most cases, when diagnosed early can be treated and cured with excellent results.

Dr Johnson has many regular patients stretching back to 1997, they understand the importance of their skin and why cutting corners is not a good option in Queensland.

To make an appointment to see Dr Johnson please call 07 3862 3144, we offer 2 types of initial appointment:

A short appointment focused on one spot that you may be worried about.
A complete body examination or scan for moles, melanomas, skin cancers and sunspots.